Atom on Chip

About the piece:
The piece is composed in 3 parts, representing the atom, the machine and the physicist.
The physicist and the atom will be heard through the soundfile which the 'machine' is performed by the ambient noise within the exhibition.  The sound of the atom fluctuates but does not change in dynamics.  Initially holding their breath, the sound of the physicist gradually gets louder as they are drawn into the image of the atom.  The machine does what the machine does - like an ex-smoker coughing in the corridor or high heeled shoes on a laminate floor.  These are the minute details in the calculation that cause the experiment to go wrong - everything needs to be perfect.  Anticipating both stunning success and startling failure, the physicist can control their breathing no longer...  And as they turn at last from the image of the atom, the sound of the atom continues. 

About the composer:
Alfie Cooke is a musician and composer.  Working primarily in the field of jazz, he has always followed Albert Ayler's dictum that "it's not about notes anymore, it's about sounds".  The discovery of sound-manipulation software has lead to a growing number of soundscape works, some of which are included in the forth-coming Experimental Broadcast Unit album Transmissions.