This Call for works is now officially closed. Results will be announced on the 16th of September.

DETAILS: CoQuS (Complex Quantum Systems department, University of Vienna) in collaboration with Neues Atelier is seeking for short ‘sound’ pieces for a unique sound installation that will take place at the International Academy Traunkirchen from the 7th to the 11th of September 2013. Specifically, we are looking for short miniature compositions (or recordings/improvisations... etc.) designed to accompany the exhibition ‘Physics & Music’ or directly inspired by it. 

PROJECT: The ‘Sounds/Compositions/Recordings’ must be related/inspired by an image -or series of images- from the exhibition. Using GPS technology (SonicMaps) the visitors of the exhibition will automatically hear the ‘sounds’ when approaching the different images set in a large exhibition area around the International Academy Traunkirchen. 

5 – 15 submissions will be selected to be part of the exhibition during Physics & Music, a workshop on the 7th - 11th September 2013*

From this group, a final winner selected by the audience will be awarded with a 200€ honorarium. Each selected work will be made available on the Physics & Music website, together with the explanation of the piece concept, a short bio and / or links to the author. 

DEADLINE:   September 1, 2013

ELIGIBILITY: Composers / Sound artists / Performers of any age or nationality are eligible. Any music style is eligible, although more abstract ‘sound creations’ are preferred. The main criterion for selection will of course be how well these 'sounds' interpret, describe or illustrate or the images in the exhibition

DURATION:  free (few seconds to several minutes)