SoundChart nr. 1: Simulation Of Atomic Interference

Top left: Schematics of the "light-sheet" imaging system. A cloud of a few thousands ultracold atoms levitates a few micrometers below the atom chip. To image it, it is released from its trap, falls down and expands until it crosses a thin sheet of laser light. Some of the light scattered by the atoms in the light sheet are then collected by a very sensitive CCD camera.

Top right: Simulations of an atomic "Mach-Zehnder" interferometer. A Bose-Einstein condensate - a giant matter-wave containing thousands of atoms - is split in two halves and then recombined. From the way the two halves of the condensate interfere, it is possible to read-out very accurately what forces have been acting on the atoms.

Quasi-breathers:  Simulation of the complex dynamics of the phase of two condensates in a double-well potential. Quantum fluctuations cause localized patterns to appear, grow and vanish at random times and positions."

Source articles here & here.
SoundChart nr. 1: Simulation Of Atomic Interference
Gruppe Jörg Schmiedmayer (ATI, TU Wien)