Entanglement Zeilinger

Entanglement Zeilinger
Gruppe Anton Zeilinger (Universität Wien)
Light cones from the physical process of parametric down conversion in a non-linear crystal, that are used to create polarization entangled photon pairs. At the intersection points, each photon can come from the horizontally polarized upper or vertically polarized lower cone, thus the pair is entangled in polarization. Entanglement questions the naïve local realistic understanding of our world and is the basis for novel effects like quantum teleportation and applications like quantum cryptography and computing.

About the composer:
Alan Courtis was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was a founder member of Reynols. He has more than 200 solo releases and collaborations on labels like: PSF, Porter, Blossoming Noise, No-Fi, RRR, Tonschacht, MIE, Pogus, Mego, Riot Season, Antifrost, Beta-Lactam, Quasipop, Kning Disk,  Feeding Tube, Blackest Rainbow, Little Mafia, Sedimental, 8MM, Public Eyesore, Smittekilde, Alt.Vinyl, Mikroton, etc. He has toured extensively in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, NZ & Latin America and has collaborated with musicians like: Pauline Oliveros, Nihilist Spasm Band, Lee Ranaldo, Yoshimi,  Jim O’Rourke, Eddie Prevost, Otomo Yoshihide, BJ Nilsen, Phill Niblock, Mattin, Makoto Kawabata, Daniel Menche, KK Null, Rick Bishop, RLW, Tabata, Mats Gustafsson, Toshimaru Nakamura, L.A.F.M.S., Damo Suzuki, Thomas Dimuzio, Zbigniew Karkowski, Rudolf Eb.Er,  Seiichi Yamamoto, Tetuzi Akiyama, Lasse Marhaug, Rapoon, Uton, Birchville Cat Motel, The New Blockaders, Jaap Blonk, Jazkamer, C.Spencer Yeh, Okyung Lee, Avarus, & Kemialliset Ystavat. 

His compositions has been played by music ensembles from Liverpool, Kingston NY, Bangor (Wales), Geneve and Buenos Aires. His collaboration album Courtis/Moore was included in The Wire Top 50 Records of 2009 and has been broadcasted by BBC, WFMU, Resonance FM, SBS, RTVE, Art on Air, Ceský Rozhlas, etc. 

His music always has strong experimental sense and usually based on high-skilled techniques of prepared sound, tape manipulations, processing of field recordings, live electronics, objects, cymbals, synthesizers, computer tools, playing traditional (both acoustic and electric) instruments as well as self-built, strange and unusual instruments (eg. unstringed guitar). Courtis has composed music for films by directors like Claudio Caldini, Sergio Subero, Guillermo Ueno & Pablo Mazzolo and has also been coordinating music workshops in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, United States, Australia, New Zealand & Japan.