Atom interference 3d (Zapata)

Atom interference 3d
Gruppe Jörg Schmiedmayer (ATI, TU Wien)

About the piece:
This work was constructed looking at the image all the time, like a synesthesic pass. For me, the sound experience is not just work of the ear, also the body can feel the vibrations. So, in   this work I try to reproduce the tactile feeling of the interference using principally dissonant intervals (2nd, 4th Aug, clusters...) I use a mass of sounds with flutes in order to create the sonority of the atom, and dissonances in the low frequencies to represent the interference. 

All goes to a high tension part synchronized with the red areas in the image, using severalinstruments to create tension. I try to recreate electronics and laboratory sounds with   simple orchestral instruments.

About the composer:
Francisco Zapata (1978, Monterrey, Mexico), from a young age showed interestin music. At age twelve, he began studying classical guitar and harmony. At fifteen, he went to the “School of Music and Dance” in Monterrey, and a year later he received his first lessons in composition. That same year, his teachersand classmates organized by surprise the premiere of his “Prelude in D minor” for guitar in a school concert. Two years later, he   began specializing in composition at the “Conservatorio de las Rosas” in Morelia. 

In 1996 he won the award for best incidental music in the context of the theater   competition in Guadalajara, Jalisco. At twenty, he received a scholarship to support young artists of the   “National Institute of Fine Arts”  in Mexico, and years later, he finished his studies with Professor Radko Tichavsky. Later he began producing and recording in his own studio. He   is currently dedicated to experimentation and creation of electronic works.