Concert: Neues Atelier Ensemble

The workshop was highligted with the performance of the Neues Atelier Ensemble, performing pieces from Saint-Säns, Zimmer and Williams. This Ensemble specializes in in contemporary music, putting the stress on performative aspects, merging the visual and the acoustic as a key part of a concert experience. In their own words:

«It was a very interesting experience to take part as a violinist in Physics & Music Workshop in Traunkirchen. The whole team of musicians and of the students, the Idea of combining an original instrument like the Laser-Harp together with traditional ones and alternating musical moments with talks was smooth and got a notable success among the listeners.»
Alessandro Malizia

Alessandro Malizia (violin) holds both Masters degrees in violin (Rome) and composition (Vienna) with the highest marks. As a violinist he got first and second prices in ten International competitions and as a composer was two times finalist in the Ö1 Talentebörse Wettbewerb. He performed as a violinist in a number of Ensembles and orchestras and remarkable concert halls like: Wiener Konzerthaus, Wiener  Musikverein, Theater Akzent (Wien), Grosser Saal Mozarteum (Salzburg) among others.

Jesús Paniagua Barroso (contrabass) is an active musician who has performed with orchestras like Andalucía Jugendorchester, Wiener Jeunesse Orchester, India Symphony Orchestra, Philarmonie der Nationen, Grazer Philarmonische Orchester, Sinfonietta
Baden among many others. He holds a degrees from the Sevilla Conservatory as well as the Konservatorium Wien. 

Kathrin Buczak (piano) holds a degree in Piano by the Vienna Konservatorium. She is founder and pianist of the BlueSound Quintet and loves to take active part in interdisciplinary projects. Aside her musical career, she is also a PhD student at the Vienna University of Technology, who works in the Group of Joerg Schmiedmayer (Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics) and invesitgates the excitation and charge state dynamics of diamond color centers. 

«Ich habe mich besonders auf dieser Projekt gefreut weil ich selbst viel Wiessenschaft in der Kunst des Spielens sehe. Interdiziplinäres Arbeit ist den Weg, neue Ideen zu entwickeln.»
Miquel Àngel Parera Salvà 

Miquel Àngel Parera (cello) has also taken part in this Neues Atelier project. He is an outstanding ensemble musician, as well as artistic advisor of the Lux Festspiele (Festival in Germany). He divides his time between performing chamber music, managing Festivals and different initiatives promoting classical music among diverse audiences. Next chance to see him will be in the Novomatic Forum in Vienna, accompanied by the pianist Robert Werner.

Adrián Artacho (laser harp) is a composer and multimedia artist residing in Vienna. He holds a MA in composition and Masters Degree in Translation and Interpretation. Since 2009 he is founder and artistic director of Neues Atelier - arts collective, and composer in residence at the Noise Ensemble. He has also worked for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the field of music mediation.