Gerhard Deiss

About the piece:
It is part of a suite for piano dedicated to my daughter Cornelia at the occasion of her wedding. It is meant to reflect the period of her studies at the Vienna University of Technology ( where she was promoted Dr.techn. sub auspiciis in 2009) and also the subject of her thesis ("Simulation of the dynamics of laser-cluster interaction"). The original title of the composition is  "Les clusters. A la recherche de particules". In the middle of this very pensive piece I also tried to put the bombarding of the clusters by laser pulses into music.

About the composer:
Gerhard Deiss is actually Austrian Ambassador in the Senegal. During his professional career as a diplomat music has always accompanied him, be it by interpreting it on the piano or lately by composing it. Recently I also published a book related to the career of a pianist 
under the titler "Klänge der Stille" in 2012.