Superposition of two different "twisting" light modes (Soria Luz)

Laser light that is in a superposition of two opposite "twisting" light modes. Twisted light has a screw-like (spiral) phase structure and carries orbital angular momentum, with which one can e.g. rotate particles around the optical axes. Theoretically, there is now upper limit on how strong the angular momentum of a single photon can be and even quantum feature like superposition or entanglement of more photons are preserved.

Superposition of two opposite "twisting" light modes
Gruppe Anton Zeilinger (Universität Wien)

About the piece:
To create this piece a took a fragment of the image and decompose it in the 3 red, green, and blue layers. Then I used the values of each color-layer to modulate a multi-carrier FM grain synthesizer. The piece is based then on the sounds produced with the synth at several rates, combined with voice, a metal chain, and an electric bass. The piece consists on the superposition of several FM sounds representing the circles or rings in the picture, in contrast with the recordings which also represent the background and my interpretation of the dynamics of the image.

RosalĂ­a Soria Luz
NOVARS Research Centre, Manchester United Kingdom.