Superposition of two opposite "twisting" light modes (Bucsis)

Laser light that is in a superposition of two opposite "twisting" light modes. Twisted light has a screw-like (spiral) phase structure and carries orbital angular momentum, with which one can e.g. rotate particles around the optical axes. Theoretically, there is now upper limit on how strong the angular momentum of a single photon can be and even quantum feature like superposition or entanglement of more photons are preserved.

Superposition of two opposite "twisting" light modes
Gruppe Anton Zeilinger (Universit├Ąt Wien)

About the piece:
Blue begins with a series of ascending frequencies introduced one at a time. After the series reaches its highest frequency it is overlapped by a second series which progresses in a descending order. After the second series reaches its lowest frequency, frequencies are removed one at a time, initially from the first series and then from the second. Blue bears similarities in design concept to the imageSuperposition of two opposite twisting light modes as the music is created by the overlapping of two series of frequencies. The sonic content of Blue is very well depicted graphically by the imageEntanglement Zeilinger, as the music begins with one series, is overlapped by a second, and then ends with the second. In addition, Blue is symmetrical as are both of the above mentioned images.

About the composer:
Julius Bucsis is an award winning composer, guitarist, and music technologist. His compositions have been included in many concerts, conferences and festivals worldwide. He also frequently performs a set of original compositions featuring electric guitar and computer generated sounds.