Quantum Entanglement Tango

How big the overlap between physics and music can actually be one could experience live on Sunday 8th of September at Traunkirchen: We performed one piece from Vannessa LeBourdais’ musical called Quantum Physics: the musical.

Quantum Entanglement Tango is a funny piece about the behavior of two photons, which are entangled together. It was arranged by Adrián Artacho for the Neues Atelier Ensemble and performed by Alessandro Malizia (violin), Miquel Angel Parera (cello), Jesús Paniagua (contrabass) and Kathrin Buczak (piano), starring two young reasearchers from the Physics department of the University of Vienna: Karoline Siquans and Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier .

Here is an excerpt of the text, reproduced with the permission of Vanessa LeBourdois:


  When you fire two photons 
  from a boson emitter...


  (that's a very fancy name for a flashlight)


  ...they're one entangled pair
  The photons will not care
  when split off to the left and right.


  When one photon dances
  then the other must follow,


  They are lock in sync together, forever,
  Although light-years apart
  Between them beats one heart,
  Like an instant messenger


  Faster than light
  the information flows
  how can this be?
  Nobody seems to know,
  that is just how it goes,
  Quantum entanglement Tango.

Karoline Siquans and Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier
(Gruppe Markus Aspelmeyer, Universität Wien)