Vitaly Rybakin

About Large Hadron Collider:
Large Hadron Collider is a very strange music ... sounds ... strange elongated time is distorted, the space is minimized at one point. Free falling snowflakes. And free repulsion from each other atoms and quarks...

About 'Dark Matter':
In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized to account for a large part of the total mass in the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level.

About the composer:
Vitaly Rybakin is a composer, guitarist, sound engineer, philosopher, artist, art critic who composes music in different styles. He is taking a postgraduate course at Samara Academy of Humanities. "I specialize in aesthetics. I am studying the coordination of time and art. (relationship between time and art?). At the moment I’m interested in the following problems: How does time pass in various types of art? What's the essence of art? Can we imagine our world as a great work of art? The title of my research is "The Ontology of Art".