Installation & Gallery

The Physics & Music exhibition is an interactive installation in which a selection of composers present their musical interpretation to the images provided by physics researchers of the Physics department of the Technical University of Vienna and of the University of Vienna. Exhibits and musical pieces are connected with the help of a GPS location system. The exhibition took place in Traunkirchen for a week until the 13th of September 2013, during the Physics & Music Workshop in the Internationale Akademie Traunkirchen

 ☆ Images featured in the interactive exhibition 
(Find here precise instructions on how to access the exhibition )

Here you can see all the images provided:  

       Serie #1: Extended Charts
       Serie #2: Images
       Serie #3: Videos
       Serie #4: Nanomaterials
       Serie #5: Charts
       Serie #7: Charts in 3D
       Serie #9: Optical Interferometer

In a parallel category, here you can see a selection of science-inspired pieces submitted by composers all over the world:

 ☆ Selection of science-inspired pieces