The concept and development of the present workshop, as well as the Physics & Music contest and the parallel activities and events was organised by:

Christiane Losert-Valiente Kroon received her PhD degree in Theoretical Physics from UCL (London, UK). She is now working as a science communication officer at the Faculty of Physics (University of Vienna, Austria) where she teams up with aspiring young researchers to realize many exciting projects. If you have interesting ideas to disseminate physics you can contact Christiane here.

Kathrin Buczak is a PhD student at the Vienna University of Technology. She works in the Group of Joerg Schmiedmayer (Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics) and invesitgates the excitation and charge state dynamics of diamond color centres. She also holds a degree in Piano by the Vienna  Konservatorium. She is founder and pianist of the BlueSound Quintet and loves to take active part in interdisciplinary projects.

Adri├ín Artacho is a composer and multimedia artist residing in Vienna. He holds a MA in composition and Masters Degree in Translation and Interpretation. Since 2009 he is founder and artistic director of Neues Atelier - arts collective, and composer in residence at the Noise Ensemble. He has also worked for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the field of music mediation.

For any questions regarding the workshop, contact the Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS)

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