The first selection (according to artistic/scientific criteria) will be performed by jury in representation of the University of Vienna, TU Wien, CoQuS research group and the arts collective Neues Atelier:

Adrian Artacho (Composer, artistic director of Neues Atelier)
Kathrin Buczak (Pianist, Physics researcher at the Vienna Center for Quantum Science)
Christiane M. Losert-Valiente Kroon (Vienna Doctoral Program of the CoQuS)

Those selected pieces/sounds/recordings will be part of the exhibition in September 2013 in the International Academy Traunkirchen. The final winner will be decided by the audience, through a votation during the workshop. 

The piece chosen by the audience will be granted a 200 € honorarium*. The result of the votation will be made public online at the end of the workshop (12th of September 2013).

*The organization reserves the right to declare the first prize deserted, if the submitted pieces don't comply with the artistic and scientific criteria.